Multiple Categories, Endless Choices
Two Apps, Infinite Opportunities
The Phlenu App brings you all of the excitement of a worldwide market in one place! Whether you are a merchant looking to promote your goods far and wide… or a shopper looking to browse every merchant for the best deals all from the comfort of your home -- Phlenu provides you with the platform you want!
Tap Into Global Purchasing Power
Imagine you are shopping in a market which has every kind of product you could ever possibly need or want. This market is filled with concert tickets, deals on supermarket and restaurants, hotels and many more. You are talking with Businesses who deliver the deals you love and even has the perfect gift for your loved ones. Where do you imagine yourself doing this? If you were thinking outside, think again! Phlenu brings the market to you with an app you can use on your smartphone! Have access to merchants you have never met before instantly from Phlenu.
Your Business’s Reach -- Amplified
How many customers do you have access to with your business right now? If you are lucky then you have a good location where many will see you as they drive by on their daily commute. But even then, how far is your reach? Maybe 10 or 20 miles, and not much further? Introducing Phlenu Business, the new merchant app that lets you promote your business to a much larger online community worldwide. Gain new income streams from regular customers who may never physically visit your store to buy from you! And see information about who, what, when, where, and why your new customers are buying so you can learn how to make even more money with our app!