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Phlenu - One Platform, a Myriad of Opportunities
The name “Phlenu” is a native word from the Ewe-Land of Volta Region in Ghana, which simply means “To Buy”.
At Phlenu, we believe it’s time to expand business horizons and do things differently, for the people who need it most. Our marketplace is specifically designed to increase the purchasing power and opportunity of African merchants, expatriates and native Africans. We are a multinational marketplace platform providing exciting sales service channels for business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) markets.
Our innovative web portal and intuitive mobile application allow you to confidently make purchases from trusted merchants and consumers worldwide, giving you much wider access to quality products and services from businesses in lands far away, that you may have never discovered otherwise.
In addition, Phlenu provides business-based analytical services to subscribed merchants. What does that mean for you? You can run smarter business operations using relevant data to increase your income streams by gaining higher platform visibility. Now who doesn’t love more money? Plus, you become actively involved in the development of our platform, allowing us to provide you an even better web portal and mobile app that fits into your shopping preferences.
So if you’re thinking about buying your next product or service, stop, drop everything, and visit Phlenu. Because wherever you are, you’ve got in your hands one exciting platform, bringing you a myriad of business growth opportunities and a shopping experience tailored just for you.